Sherry B. Jordan, Coach, Consultant, Author


Sherry is a business coach and consultant.  She is the founder of The Northwest Coaching Group, Inc. and Sherry Jordan, Coach. She specializes in working with individuals, small business owners, and executives who want more from their work life or business than they currently enjoy.  Sherry inspires others to adopt her philosophy that with a clear plan, deliberate action and commitment to execution every client can have all they want from their business and live an outrageously successful lifestyle as a small business owner.

Sherry has over 10 years’ experience as a coach and consultant. Leading up to her current role, she has over 20 years of experience in executive management working in complex corporate environments for finance industry leaders such as JP Morgan Chase, CitiMortgage, and The Principal.  She holds a Masters  relationship psychology and specializes in the impact of human behavior on business outcomes.

She is a the author of Plan It! Do It! Love It! ~ Be Outrageously Successful Living the Small Business Lifestyle and a regular speaker for professional groups of lifestyle business owners such as Metropolitan Senior Network, Metro HomeBuilders Association of Portland, and Oregon Association of Mortgage Professionals. Sherry is also a teacher, trainer specializing in business planning, building strategic partnerships, psychology of change,  and the 7 Principles of Change Leadership. Her strategic planning system  is trademarked and distributed under the name 6 Steps Planning™.

A Florida native, Sherry now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Dennis.